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Coping with the Coronavirus with Vitamin Supplements and Time at Home

In Episode 12, host Justin Robinson goes solo, addressing vitamin supplementation and the benefits of vitamin c, vitamin d, zinc, zinc lozenges, coconut oil, elderberry extract, and garlic, as well as strategies that are helping him cope with the restrictions brought on by the coronavirus crisis.



Episode Highlights: 


    Justin Robinson changed his mindset from ‘I have to be at home’ to ‘I get to be at home.’


    Videos, books, and sleep assist Justin Robinson in maintaining a positive mindset.  


    Justin is an avid crossfitter and still maintains his exercise regimen at home during the coronavirus and schedules time for it on a regular basis. 


    Vitamin C is important for iron absorption and iron deficiency can make you more susceptible to diseases. Taking vitamin c before getting a cold can reduce its severity.    



3 Key Points:

1.   Spend your extra time reading, working on your online business, and getting stuff done around the house that you weren’t able to do because you didn’t have time. 

2.   The most important thing you can do to avoid infection from coronavirus is limit exposure, get adequate sleep, exercise, and eat food with essential nutrients. 

3.     Taking doses of vitamin c that are too high can cause gastric disease, diarrhea, and can increase the risk of cataracts over the long-term. 


Tweetable Quotes:


  • “One of the things that has really helped me over the years, probably for the last 15-20 years maybe, is kind of with the mindset that things are always happening for us and not to us.” – Justin Robinson
  • “Any challenge that we have, our God knows that we’re good enough to handle it. So, we just have to take this opportunity to make ourselves better.” – Justin Robinson
  • “Staying in the right mindset and positive attitude actually boosts your health and your immunity system." – Justin Robinson
  • “I’m not actually getting up and getting dressed like I normally would, doing my hair you know and all that other stuff that goes with it. But, I am sticking to a schedule.” – Justin Robinson
  • “During this time when the virus and the flu, and cold season and allergy season and all that other stuff is in full effect, I think supplementing some things is very beneficial.” – Justin Robinson


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