Educating Her Children, Healing Her In-Laws, and All Things Mobility with Coach P

Educating Her Children, Healing Her In-Laws, and All Things Mobility with Coach P


Join Justin Robinson with his special guest, Crossfit mentor, owner and head coach at Crossfit Burleson in Burleson, Texas, Coach Peyton Randall.  One of Peyton’s specialties is mobility and I brought her on to tell a little about herself, talk some mobility, and a brag about how awesome she is in the gym.  


Peyton starts back taking us back before her and I ever met. 

2011 when Josh, Sergio, and I started our dive into gym membership

Struggles of finding time for the gym and work/ personal life balance

Moving from Arlington to Burleson and helping my dad take care of my grandmother.

I found CrossFit in the fall of 2013.

Coach Kelly and her husband, John, original owners of CFB invited me to come back. So I did and have been there ever since

Certified in 2016 for to be Crossfit coach, and that was right around the time that my grandmother had passed away. She passed away that August, and in taking care of her, I watched her become a prisoner of her own body, so to speak. 

A short time after that, I  talked to my dad and he helped me pursue getting my L-1 certification (that’s a coaching certificate for CrossFit instructors). I followed that up with my CrossFit kids certification because it was important to me to teach my children all about CrossFit and what purpose it serves.  

Mother-in-law and father-in-law are currently some of my personal training clients. My father in law is a diabetic and my mother in law fell last November and broke her arm.

In CrossFit, our methodology, we have 10 general physical skills. 

Number one of your cardiovascular and respiratory endurance. So that's the serving of our that purpose that we work out every day are metcon. 

 Number two we have the stamina. We have strength, flexibility, powers being coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

As we get older, we start to lose some of these capabilities, so our agility becomes inhibited. Our balance becomes inhibited, especially when we're over 55. 

One of the things about CrossFit really is obviously at the gym is we have competitive spirits.

Ultimately the goal is to stave off the old folks home and to live a productive life and be able to go out and be free at the things we are able to do like sports or just everyday life. 

I like to try and show you that you're capable of doing something and then give you the opportunity to go forth and continue to do that.

Coach P answers: 15 minutes of mobility works on a on a daily basis you need. 

The point of mobility is honestly is to serve, protect your fascia. 

So something you can do to prevent that on a daily basis is utilize a foam roller. 

Taking care of the glute with that lacrosse ball prevent muscles from getting tight or knotted up and helps you to work out that lactic acid that build after a workout.  

Mini bands is something that helps with hip mobility, ankle mobility, which are your two most important factors in squatting. 

With the mini bands you can also do whats called flossing.  

So if you spend a good 15 to 20 minutes on a daily basis either before or after, I'd say both.

They can goto our website Or my cell phone 817-709-7391 You can even message me on Facebook and or Instagram and I will send you a message to setup a consultation.

For real folks, let me just tell you honestly, Peyton is one of the most carrying coaches you'll ever meet. She's always there for you.

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