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Exploring Chiropractics and Integrative Medicine with Dr. Jeremy Taylor



Dr. Jeremy Taylor was a football player at Columbia University where he studied computer science. He injured himself working out and went to see a chiropractor for the first time in his late twenties. This inspired him to go to chiropractic school. 

Dr. Taylor loves learning new techniques and expanding upon them to help his clients feel better as quickly as possible. Jeremy and Justin discuss the Airrosti method, which is one of the tool sets Dr. Taylor uses.

Dr. Taylor fell in love with adjusting again after helping victims of Hurricane Harvey. He loves working with CrossFitters. Teaching thoracic mobility and core stability is one of his passions. He shares some fascinating information about inflammation and the importance of clearing the lymphatic system.

Dr. Taylor shares quick tips for listeners about joint mobilization and recommends rolling out your upper thoracics and lower back. He discusses how this can help activate other muscle groups.

3 Key Points:

1. The lymphatic system is like the body’s sewer system. Without movement, your lymphs backup and create pressure.

2. Don’t bring a mobility issue to a stability problem.

3. Find the muscle that should be working, get it turned on, and then everything else will relax.

Tweetable Quotes:

“There's not one thing that fixes everybody, so I just try to get as many tools into my belt as possible so that I can fix people as quickly as possible.” – Dr. Jeremy Taylor
“I like working with CrossFitters because it requires a perfect range of motion.” – Dr. Jeremy Taylor
“You'd be amazed at how much gut inflammation affects everything else in your body." – Dr. Jeremy Taylor
“The best way to move lymph is through movement.” – Dr. Jeremy Taylor
“Warm up. Mobilize. Hit the foam roller.” – Dr. Jeremy Taylor

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