Uplifted by CrossFit and Christian Ministry with Brendon Johnston podcast

Feeling Uplifted by CrossFit and Christian Ministry with Brendon Johnston

In Episode 11 of Wellness Mastery for the Average Joe, host Justin Robinson speaks with Brendon Johnston, one of Justin’s CrossFit coaches, lifting instructor, and his work-out strategist, who also works as a pastor at Christ Church in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Episode Highlights: 

Brendon Johnston has been involved in Christian ministry since he was 19-years-old and he has a wife and two daughters. He started his fitness journey in college Division I basketball, stopped and then revisited fitness after becoming a father. 

Brendon discusses workout strategies from the perspective of being a coach and enjoying the ‘a-ha moments’ that his clients experience during training sessions when they trust Brendon’s suggestions. He talks about protecting athletes from getting hurt by looking out for moves that are pinching, grabbing, causing hip/knee/ankle flections and back roundings. 

Learn more about how to lift weight properly, how to avoid problematic lifting situations, the power of patience, and getting comfortable with heavier lifting. 

3 Key Points:

  1.   AM Wraps give you a rep scheme and you maintain the same speed for 15 minutes.  
  2.   The body seeks movements that are comfortable. So, If your workout feels weird and uncomfortable to your body then it is probably right.   
  3. Avoid putting yourself in a situation where the weight suddenly feels foreign to you. 

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Probably my freshman year in college, I actually dunked a basketball and  I remember what that felt like and I was like, holy cow, if I keep working harder I will be able to jump higher.” – Brendon Johnston
  • “Once my basketball career stopped in college, I took a break for a long time from anything fitness, found out my wife was pregnant with a girl and decided that I need to be big and strong to fight off any future boyfriends.” – Brendon Johnston
  • “What I appreciate the most about CrossFit is it has taught me how to strategize and how to plan out workouts to where I can get the most out of the workout for myself at my fitness level.” – Brendon Johnston
  • “I see every workout as a problem, and I want to learn how to solve that problem, and the solution is based on my ability, completing the task at hand. So, my mind works as a problem solver.” – Brendon Johnston
  • “As a coach, when your athlete is lying on the ground dying, and yet you still see the upturned smirk of a smile knowing that they walked in and they just did better than they thought they were going to do, you’re like, yeah, that’s right.” – Brendon Johnston

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