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From Bodybuilding to CrossFit and all about Massage Therapy with Brandi Dobson


In Episode 15, host Justin Robinson interviews Brandi Dobson, Owner of BD Massage Therapy and Lux Beauty and Bodyworks. Brandi talks about her experience, work, and advice for bodybuilding, CrossFit, and massage therapy. 



Episode Highlights: 

●     00:48 – Justin Robinson introduces his guest Brandi Dobson. 

●     01:38 – How did Brandi Dobson get started with bodybuilding, CrossFit, and massage therapy? 

●     04:25 – How did her bodybuilding lead her to CrossFit and massage therapy?

●     09:37 – How many massages can she do in a day? 

●     11:38 – What percentage of her clients come in for deep tissue massages?

●     13:45 – She shares a feel-good story of really helping a client.  

●     18:37 – Get to the root of the problem instead of jumping towards medication.  

●     19:11 – Brandi talks about rupturing a disk in her neck and dealing with the pain. 

●     23:13: – It was a full 16 weeks to get her body back to normal   

●     24:22: – Brandi Dobson talks about things she is doing at home to stay active and fit


3 Key Points:

  1. Brandi Dobson is dual-licensed as an esthetician and massage therapy.
  2. Brandi does about 3 to 4 massages a day.   
  3. About 95% of Brandi Dobson’s clients come for deep tissue massages.    


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I will refer people to western medicine as a last resort.” – Brandi Dobson
  • “I do have a strong belief in massage therapy and chiropractic care. I believe they go hand in hand. I believe that too much money is spent on western medicine. I believe that just causes way more problems.” – Brandi Dobson
  • “I had always thought about being a physical therapist when I was young. But, life just didn’t go that way for me, and so, I was like, you know what, I probably would be really good at massage therapy.” – Brandi Dobson 
  • “Relaxing massages are not my forte. I will do them. But to me they are extremely boring.” – Brandi Dobson
  • “I have people that come in weekly. I have people that come in monthly, and you see the biggest difference in those people’s overall health coming in weekly and month than you see in people that come once every six months.” – Brandi Dobson


Resources Mentioned:


  • Brandi Dobson Social Media: Facebook
  • Brandi Dobson Phone: (817) 360-0106

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