Gym Owner Perspective with Freddy Camacho, Sobriety, and Life with Chyna Cho

Gym Owner Perspective with Freddy Camacho; Sobriety, and Life with Chyna Cho


In Episode 14, host Justin Robinson interviews Freddy Camacho, CrossFitter since 2006, Owner of Good For You CrossFit in Newark, California and the husband of CrossFit champion Chyna Cho. Freddy Camacho discusses how he got involved in CrossFit, starting the gym he co-owns with his wife, Chyna Cho, quitting drinking, and ways to stay motivated in your health and fitness during social distancing. 



Episode Highlights: 

●    00:42 – Justin Robinson introduces guest Freddy Camacho.

●    01:38 – Freddy Camacho shares his CrossFit experience,

●    04:14 – How did he get to the point of stopping drinking?

●    05:55 – What has his sobriety journey been like? 

●    08:10: – Freddy Camacho talks about his wife Chyna Cho’s calorie-counting strategy. 

●    10:40 – Freddy Camacho discusses the calories he used to consume for beer and weight gain.

●    11:40 – What are his fitness strategies inside and outside the gym?  

●    14:31 – It is never too late to start your fitness output. 

●    17:00: – CrossFit is about community.  

●    18:24: – What are some ways to make the days more exciting during self-quarantine? 

●    20:03 – Find out what works for you. 

●    22:44 – Don’t just get stuck thinking only about CrossFit to stay fit. 


3 Key Points:

  1. Freddy Camacho finished 28th in the world this year in his age bracket. 
  2. The older you get, the harder it is to get excess body weight to come off.  
  3. Even if you get stuck not wanting to work out, you just got to start moving.   


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I didn’t drink to escape things. I was drinking just because I like to get buzzed. But, the problem was I didn’t turn off.” – Freddy Camacho
  • “My first affiliate was CrossFit One World and I was the 89th affiliate in the world.” – Freddy Camacho
  • “I started that carnivore diet. I did that for about four weeks, and now I’m a month into counting calories.” – Freddy Camacho
  • “Hey, you logged off an hour and a half everyday, at least, to working out right? And now you are home all day, and you can’t work out?” – Freddy Camacho
  • “That is what CrossFit is all about. It is about that community. You don’t have that and it is like where we are now. A little bit of loss of motivation. A little bit less accountability.” – Justin Robinson


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