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My Story and why it matters!!

In Episode 8, host Justin Robinson shares his own story, with struggles and successes along the way. Listen to hear how Justin got to where he is today and what inspired him to begin his journey to optimal health and wellness. You’ll be inspired by the changes Justin has made and encouraged by what he has achieved.



Episode Highlights: 


        Justin Robinson was born in Fort Worth, Texas. His family moved many times during his childhood and he fell in with the wrong crowd during adolescence. At 15, Justin dropped out of high school and went out on his own. 


        At 22, Justin met his now-wife. When they found out they were expecting a child, they moved back to Fort Worth where Justin took on labor-intensive jobs. He began finding stability as he started making the right choices.


        In 2012, Justin’s wife had a serious heart attack and this changed Justin’s perspective on everything. This is where his health and wellness journey began. He had never had the chance to be an athlete due to the circumstances of his youth, but he began working out at age 40.


        Once he joined CrossFit, Justin felt better about himself and he met incredible people  there. He exercises and pursues health to have a better quality of life. He has never felt better than he does now, at age 48.


        You can change your life by making small improvements every day. You also need someone to support you in these changes. 


3 Key Points:

1.   Justin found stability as he started making the right choices. 

2.   Pursuing exercise can be about improving the overall quality of your life. 

3.   You can’t make all the changes you need to make at once, but with patience and consistency you can make it happen.


Tweetable Quotes:


  • “I didn't really find stability...until I started making the right choices.” – Justin Robinson
  • “I just started really researching what we could do to eat better, to drink better, to sleep better, to just live a more productive and healthy life.” – Justin Robinson
  • “Once I joined CrossFit, I quickly started feeling better about myself." – Justin Robinson
  • “Our goal at the gym is not necessarily to be competitive athletes.” – Justin Robinson
  • “Just do a little bit more every day to better yourself.” – Justin Robinson


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