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Take Your Fitness Goals from Someday to Today with Eric Malzone

In Episode 16, host Justin Robinson interviews Eric Malzone, Co-Founder of Level 5 Mentors, and runs a podcast called Future of Fitness with over 180 episodes. Eric Malzone talks about how he got involved in CrossFit, starting his first gym in California, and then what led to changing his life and moving with his wife to Montana. 



Episode Highlights: 

  • 01:16 – Justin Robinson introduces his guest Eric Malzone. 
  • 02:21 – How did Eric Malzone get started in his fitness? 
  • 02:43 – He started competitive swimming at age five.  
  • 04:19 – What was the starting point for Eric starting a gym? 
  • 05:50 – Eric shares why he believes in CrossFit so much. 
  • 08:55 – What types of reactions did he get when Eric was initially promoting CrossFit? 
  • 11:49 – Eric talks about moving to Montana and the first CrossFit games champion being his mentor.
  • 14:07: – The Demartini Value Determination Process can help you discover what your values are.
  • 15:50: – What are his recommendations for working out at home? 
  • 19:13 – What are Eric’s tips for finding and starting a community with others? 
  • 20:27 – We get stuck so much in our routines that we don’t understand why we do them after a while.  
  • 21:36: – Being that Eric has worked from home for the last 3 years, how has COVID-19 changed things for him? 


3 Key Points:

  1. We always say we are going to do the things we care about ‘someday.’ But what would our lives be like if ‘someday’ became today? 
  2. When Eric’s CrossFit program in Santa Monica, California was at its peak, the membership was in the 270-280 range,   
  3. Are you as healthy as a plant: getting clean water and sunshine every day? Are you as healthy as a dog: getting clean water, sunshine, and taking a walk every day? Are you healthy as a monkey: clean water, sunshine, walking, and swinging around every day? 


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “A good coach can educate you and train you for life.” – Eric
  • “You better know what your values are because that is what is going to dictate your actions in life.” – Eric
  • “I’ve always been athletic. Movement and strength training and all that has been an integral part of my life since a very, very young age.” – Eric Malzone 
  • “We really, truly believed in CrossFit, and I still do. I think it is one of the best general population training modalities you can have out there because what it teaches us, it talks about the power of community.” – Eric Malzone
  • “Human movement. Go chop some wood. Go outside and do something physical that doesn’t necessitate reps or sets or tempo training or all the complexities that we add into our fitness training on a day to day basis.” – Eric Malzone


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