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The Strength of Encouragement with Michael Arterberry

In Episode 17, host Justin Robinson interviews Michael Arterberry, Youth Development Expert, Motivational Speaker, Executive Director at Youth Voices Center, and Author of Be Encouraged, Michael Arterberry discusses the power and importance of positive mentors, the role sports has played in building up his strength and inspiration, and the valuable work he does through motivational speaking and impacting lives. 



Episode Highlights: 

  • 00:37 – Justin Robinson introduces his guest Michael Arterberry. 
  • 02:07 – Michael Arterberry shares a story about a donkey that depicts 
  • 08:17 – He talks about his work as a motivational speaking and his Power of Peace youth program. 
  • 11:27 – Michael tells a story about a girl that he worked with who broke the cycle of not graduating from 
  • 12:44 – Michael Arterberry was an active bodybuilder.  
  • 17:50 – He has worked as a coach for football, soccer, indoor track, and outdoor track.
  • 22:14 – Michael talks about sports being his saving grace. 
  • 24:25: – They chat about the Dallas Cowboys.  
  • 26:27 – How is he coping with COVID-19?
  • 29:52 – Michael Arterberry explains what we can expect from his book. 
  • 33:00 – Shop for whole-body wellness solutions at Vigorous

3 Key Points:

  1. Michael Arterberry started a high school youth program called Power of Peace. 
  2. Remember during your fitness routines that you can never forget what you looked like in the past when you were at your best.   
  3. You can create the traditional family structure with a sports team if you are missing it at home. 

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “When you talk about the will of a man, if you are strong enough to fight death off so that you can meet a loved one, every one of us has that deep down inside of us.” – Michael Arterberry
  • “My passion is ingrained in the fact that I made it out of that freaking swamp.” – Michael Arterberry
  • “They don’t have to grow up in the situation that I did. But, my mission in life is to make sure that if you come out of a swamp, listen, Big Mike is going to reach a handout and pull you out.” – Michael Arterberry 
  • “We walk through life and we step on landmines. But, the landmine doesn’t blow us up, it just injures us.” – Michael Arterberry
  • “I never lay words on a person without leaving something that you can apply and take with you.” – Michael Arterberry

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