A Buyers Guide to the Percussive Therapy Device

A Buyers Guide to the Percussive Therapy Device

A new tool to help you feel better after workouts has recently become popular, can’t-live-without for many athletes, and for others who just have sore muscles. It is fairly new, though, so a lot of people who could use one don’t know what these are or how to use them or buy one. This tool is, broadly speaking, a percussive therapy device. What is this, and how do you get one? Here is our Buyer’s Guide to percussive therapy.

What is percussive therapy?

A percussive therapy device is a breakthrough in deep, soft tissue massage. That doesn’t happen often! After all, what could be better than hands-on? Well, a massage gun can get right to the heart of the pain and basically, hammer it away. Gently! Specifically, it is a battery-powered, hand-held massage tool, with a gentle and changeable head, that puts pressure on the points of restriction that are causing the pain.

What benefits do the devices offer?

Percussive massage therapy will increase blood flow, which in turn accelerates growth and repairs tissue cells. The massage tool targets sore muscles, so the blood flow is stimulated, the muscle relaxes, and pain is reduced. When you are buying a percussive therapy device, look for a device that promises to reduce your pain, speed up muscle recovery, and therefore improve your performance.

What essential features do you need to make sure you have?

Usually, when you are buying one of these devices, words like a gun, percussion, and jigsaw are mentioned. That is no accident! It does look like a power tool, and it works like one, too! You will feel great after your workout. How much, and how much relief the item of your choice can give you, matters. After all, it is your sore spots that the percussive therapy device is going after, so look for one that speeds up recovery and reduces inflammation easily.

When you are trying to choose one, though, be sure to notice a few things.

Noise level

You are also going to need to check the noise level that the percussive therapy device will make. The older ones made a lot of noise, and some still do, but less noise is preferred. The word percussion, of course, indicates that it will make some noise.


The things that the best percussive massage therapy device can offer follow: look for one with a good battery life, an ergonomic design, and that has different attachments to go in different areas of the body, and that changes to an appropriate speed and pressure.

Convenience is important. Find one that has a long-lasting battery and that is cordless and includes a professional travel case; you will want to use your device anywhere you work out.

It’s not often that something new comes along that is labeled a break-through, especially when we are talking about something that is as old as sore muscles! But percussive massage therapy will help. They are inexpensive, ergonomic, and easy-to-use. The benefits in pain reduction speak for themselves. Check out this one from Vigorous Innovations. It might be just what you need.
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