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Adding a Jigsaw Massager to Your Home Gym

When the COVID-19 pandemic peaked, workout routines around the world were suddenly moved home. Our lives were disrupted in a way we’ve never experienced before. Gyms closed overnight, and people had to put together their own home versions of their favorite gym routines. Nobody knew how long it would all last, and we still don’t.

Once people started figuring out how to continue their workout regime at home, a big gap in their routines showed up – massage therapy. Everyone from high-performance athletes to people who enjoy exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle were missing their massage therapists. Without warm-up and recovery massages, endurance athletes just don’t perform as well. Casual workout enthusiasts started to feel tense and sore. Without massage therapy, stress on bodies and minds just keeps increasing in an already stressful pandemic situation.

Benefits of Massage

Sports massage before, during, and after a workout is often overlooked as part of a well-rounded workout routine. Studies have shown how massage, like percussion massage, increases performance, reduces soreness and increases the range of motion on the targeted muscle groups. Increased flexibility reduces muscle-related workout injuries like pulls and tears.

Percussion massage is short bursts of pressure applied directly onto the targeted muscle groups. It is especially helpful when used in combination with exercise. Percussion massage relaxes the connective tissue and fascia while increasing blood flow and circulation. It also reduces inflammation. Physical therapists and massage therapists use percussion massage to treat previous injuries and prevent new ones. The best way to achieve percussion massage is by using a Jigsaw massage gun.

Pre-workout massage helps to warm up the muscle groups that are about to be used. Percussion massage increases blood flow to the targeted area and signals the muscle group to prepare to be engaged. Spending just 30 seconds massaging a specific muscle group before working it out will help you get more out of your workout time.

Did you know that your body can benefit from massage during a workout? If you feel your muscles tensing up, try using a Jigsaw massager between sets to loosen everything up. Just a quick 15-second burst to the affected area can increase your performance for the rest of your workout.

Post-workout massages are the most popular type of sports massage. It feels great for a reason! A post-workout massage can enhance muscle recovery by increasing your blood circulation to the area. Massage is the best way to reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness that shows up after your workout.

Benefits of a Jigsaw Massager

All of these benefits of massage before, during, and after a workout sound great, but massage therapists have not been very accessible or available recently due to the current pandemic. Even before COVID-19 showed up, most people didn’t have a massage therapist waiting on standby while they worked out. A Jigsaw massager, like the ones available through Vigorous Innovations, is like having your own personal massage therapist ready when you are.

With a Jigsaw massager, you can customize your workout massages exactly the way you want them to be. Nobody knows better than you where your problem muscles are. It is best to use a Jigsaw massager on yourself, so you can be in total control over pressure and location. Listen to your body to know if the pressure you use is adequate. Remember, it should never cause pain!

COVID-19 has also forced many people to work from home in less-than-ideal home office setups. Easy and quick percussion massages at home throughout the day can help your muscles recover from sitting too long in uncomfortable and awkward positions. Use a Jigsaw massage gun to loosen your stiff and sore shoulders, legs, and back.

Make sure to talk to your doctor if you have any health concerns related to using a percussion Jigsaw gun.

What to Look for in a Great Jigsaw Massager

When you’re looking at which percussion Jigsaw massager to add to your home gym, keep in mind these three important features:

1) Powerful yet Adjustable: A great percussion Jigsaw massager has a large range of settings so you can customize the pressure to exactly what you need for each muscle group and activity. The vibration speed should be adjusted depending on how you’re using the massager from lower settings for relaxation to higher settings for recovery. Tender areas may require a lower setting, while stubborn areas might need a higher setting.

2) Quiet: Nobody wants to hear a noisy jackhammer in the middle of your home workout, especially if you live with anyone else in your house! Good quality Jigsaw massagers are quiet enough not to disrupt your workout focus or interrupt your post-workout Zen.

3) Removable heads: Make sure to look for a Jigsaw massager that comes with a variety of heads that are easily interchangeable. A fork-shaped head is perfect for the spine area. A large ball-shaped head can be used on large, core muscles. A bullet-shaped head is great for targeting deep tissues and joints. A flat-shaped head is good for all uses. You should be able to easily swap them out depending on if you’re working on a larger muscle or targeting a smaller trouble area.

A Jigsaw massager is an incredibly useful piece for every home gym. A quick burst of beneficial percussive pressure before working out prepares your muscles for a great workout. Using a Jigsaw massager on stiff muscles between reps helps your workout become more efficient. And finally, treating your muscles with a post-workout massage will help you recover with less pain and stiffness so your next workout will be even better. Don’t forget to take your Jigsaw massager to your home office space with you to loosen up throughout the day as well.

Whether you’re a serious athlete or working out for general health, a Jigsaw massager should be part of your home gym. Massage therapists are beneficial to help you achieve your fitness goals, but in these unpredictable times, don’t let stiff, sore muscles hold you back from getting the best workout possible. A Jigsaw massage gun is easy to use, safe, and portable in addition to your home gym. Click here to learn more.
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