Can Hemp Oil Help with Weight Loss?

Can Hemp Oil Help with Weight Loss?

Hemp oil is the THC-free product that provides you with numerous health benefits without the “high” or downsides of marijuana. It’s increasingly common to find hemp oil in products for skincare, haircare and even cooking, but can hemp oil help with weight loss too? 



Perhaps, but it’s not a cut and dried answer. Let’s get into it!


Where is the Scientific Proof about Hemp Oil for Weight Loss?

To be blunt, you’ll look for a very long time if you are looking for scientific studies about hemp oil for weight loss. We are just not at a point where a lot of research is being done on this subject, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t mitigating factors that tie hemp oil and weight loss together. What it does mean, however, is to steer clear of websites that proclaim hemp oil to be a miracle weight loss cure. Like all such claims, “miracle weight loss cures” are not realistic. The issues of weight gain, weight loss, and weight management are far too complex to be solved by a “magic pill.”


But Why Does Hemp Oil for Weight Loss Work for Some People?

Just as weight gain is complex, so are our bodies. Factors such as stress, environmental toxins, and of course overeating all play a role in our waistlines.


Hemp oil helps to combat many of those external factors. For example, stress releases hormones that can increase your appetite and promote inflammation, which can influence weight gain. Hemp oil, on the other hand, provides anxiety relief and inflammation control for some people. Less stress and inflammation equal less weight gain.


Let’s not overlook the mind/body connection too. When you feel poorly about yourself are you more likely to reach for the apple or the bag of chips? The chips, of course! Acne, stringy hair, dry skin – it’s hard to feel body positive when your body feels like it’s working against you. Hemp oil in beauty products are highly effective and a natural way to get thicker hair, clearer skin, and that dewy glow. When you look good, you feel good and you make healthier choices to support your wellbeing.


Oils and fats taste good in food, but saturated fats lead to, you guessed it… weight gain. Are you doomed to live on poached chicken and steamed broccoli forever? Nope. Once again, it’s hemp oil products to the rescue. Not only has hemp oil been correlated as beneficial to reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol, it has alpha-linolenic acid. That’s a fatty acid that’s good for your health. You’ll find it in flax seed and fish too. Note that while there is great supporting evidence for the benefits of this fatty acid on your health, studies are ongoing. What we do know for sure is that there are helpful and harmful fats and oils on the market. They are not all created equally. Cooking with beneficial oils and fats in the place of saturated ones is better for your health and weight.


So, Can You Use Hemp Oil for Weight Loss?

Your health is determined by the many small decision you make very day. Choosing hemp oil in your beauty, stress relief, and cooking routines helps to improve your health overall, including your weight. While there is no magic pill that will help you shed five pounds a week, maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes the products that support your mind and body means a smaller waistline and a more positive outlook on life overall.


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