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Hemp Oil for Beards (and Faces)

Are you a man looking to up your grooming routine? You can’t go wrong with hemp oil for beards and faces.


Hemp Oil for Your Beard

There is no doubt about it, beards are having a huge fashion moment. From Hot Santa to Hugh Jackman, from Chris Hemsworth (Thor!) to Idris Elba, men of all ages and skin tones are rocking beards. Whether you wear yours long, cropped, or in a goatee, you know that beard care is important. Without cleaning, softening, and grooming your beard, you run the risk of looking harried and not put together instead of suave and confident. Hemp oil for beards is all it takes to go from ungroomed to perfectly put together in seconds.




How Does Hemp Oil for Beards Work?

Oils provide moisture without the drying effects of water. It can seem counterintuitive to think of water as something that dries out your hair, but when you remember that hair is basically protein, it makes sense. What works better when cooking protein? Water or oil? Water evaporates and leaves proteins dried out. Oils provide long lasting lubrication and absorb into proteins. A little bit of oil won’t make your hair greasy. It will plump up each strand and make it glossy, smooth and healthy looking.


Since you are applying a product that can easily be absorbed into your bloodstream (and you can get it in your mouth given the beard/mouth proximity) you want to ensure that your product is as natural as possible. The best hemp oil for beards is free of parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Thankfully, those pesky myths about SLS and cancer have been largely dismissed, but common additives, like SLS, in grooming products still pose a risk of being an irritant. You don’t want raw, itchy, irritated skin on your face, so choosing natural products for your beard is your safest bet.


Sometimes fragrances are added to beard oils, which can also be an irritant or cause headaches. Natural hemp oil for beards is fragrance free, and you’ll know you are getting a pure oil if it doesn’t have a strong cannabis-like smell.


Hemp Oil for the Face

Not every man wants to rock a beard, and that’s okay. It’s a personal and a style choice. All men can still benefit from adding hemp oil to their routine. Hemp oil for the face is a great, natural moisturizer and can soften the skin between shaving days when the stubble grows in.


A Great Gift to Yourself or for Someone You Love

Whether you are a man searching for natural grooming products or a friend or loved one looking for the perfect gift, choose hemp oil. Vigorous Innovations carries organic hemp oil that can be used for beards, skin, anxiety support, and more. Learn the difference our hemp oil for beards and faces makes by trying this all-natural grooming solution today.

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