How Can a Massage Gun Help You While You Work from Home?

How Can a Massage Gun Help You While You Work from Home?

Many people have been working from home for years owing to the nature of their job. However, with the recent Covid-19 pandemic many of us who had never worked an hour from home had to turn our homes into offices. Some of us are definitely happy because this comes with its benefits such as complete avoidance of annoying workmates, angry bosses, lunch thieves, etc. However, it also has its own challenges. If you are having trouble working from home then you need to bring a few changes to make remote working more joyful. Let us talk about these challenges and what we can do to keep ourselves healthy.


Overlapping of Professional & Personal Life

Your environment is always going to affect you one way or the other, consciously or subconsciously. Your home is always going to be a place of safety, calm, joy and fun for you or at least we hope so. Regardless of that, one thing is for sure that there is a great difference between your home and your office. When you are working from home you may not even take a bath, or change your clothes, or maybe just wear an office jacket with PJs. Try not to do that. 


Things To Do When Working From Home

1. Get up at the same time you used to when you were commuting to the office. 
2. Take a bath.
3. Brush your teeth.
4. Have a good breakfast. 
5. Wear your office clothes and sit on your desk like you used to in your office. 
6. Try convincing your family to respect your office timings. For this, you   should 7. designate a separate room as your office room and it should be out of bounds for all except yourself. 
7. Even after office hours keep it locked so that you do not lose important paperwork. 
8. Also remember, where you draw clear lines for your family, do the same for your office.
9. You should not be doing extra hours of work. In this way neither would 10. you overwork yourself nor annoy your family members. 
11. Follow the office closing hours like you did before.
12. Take a break like you used to in the office, at the same time.


    Tips for Managing Your Own Schedule & Time

    • Now that you have made your office in your home, make a plan. 
    • down the entire day or week’s schedule. If you did not do this when you were working at the office, you will most probably not do it at home as well. 
    • Old habits die hard! If however you believe it is time to change, which it is, then keep a work planner or  hard diary or use the one in your cell phone. 
    • Prioritize your work, obviously starting from the most important task. Identify tasks which are time bound. Make a calendar. 
    • Set reminders. Without properly structuring your tasks you will not be able to cope up with the work pressure and most probably end up annoying yourself as well as your team mates.
    •  You will not be able to take out quality time for your family as well. So make a plan and stick to it. Do not let go of the concept of work hours and don’t forget your break either.


    How to Deal with Work Interruptions

    Avoid Audience - Although working from home may have its benefits but at the same time you will have to handle other interruptions, especially if you have family and pets. Young children may prove to be the greatest source of disturbance because they do not understand what work is and what work hours mean. It would be even more challenging if you are a single parent. Probably hiring a babysitter to watch over them till you work is a good idea. If you have pets and they are the kind who want your attention and you have to feed them as well, you may have to take small breaks in order to address these issues or you can hire someone to take care of them. 

    Use Signs - Although all interruptions are not ignorable and some may require your assistance, you can start by sticking a “don’t disturb” sign on your door. 

    Devices - Do not surround yourself with other distractions like TV. Set rules for your family members and train them to respect your workspace.


    Why You Need A Massage Gun for This Situation

    Long Sitting Cause Back Pain

    A sedentary lifestyle for long can take a serious toll on your physical well being and in some cases mental too. Sitting for long hours can weaken your lower back, glutes, legs and feet. It can also result in improper body posture and end up straining your shoulders and neck. A good massage will not only address physical issues but also make you feel mentally relaxed. 

    Self Massage Is an Easy Option 

    Getting a massage everyday may not be a suitable idea but self-massaging tools can provide the same results as a professional massage. One such innovative tool is the percussion gun which provides deep tissue massage. These guns make use of percussion therapy and stimulate your muscles to address soreness, muscle stiffness, enhance recovery and improve blood circulation. 

    You can Have Best Tool For It

    One of the best percussion guns available in the market is Vigorous Innovations Pro, which is available along with different attachments for different muscles. You can use the VI Pro while working or during your breaks. If you have to sit for long hours you can massage yourself while sitting at your desk. As your feet, legs and lower back will be the ones being affected the most, start with providing yourself a foot and calf massage. 

    Vigorous Innovations PRO massage gun for relief while working from home

    Massage Guns are Multifunctional

    Massaging your feet and calves can have lasting effects on your physical health. It will improve blood circulation as well as your brain’s perception of pain. You can massage your glutes and lower back for providing relief and enhancing blood flow. Your neck becomes stiff when you have been sitting in the same place for long and it could benefit from some percussion therapy. You can even massage your hands with this versatile tool.

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