The Best Percussion Massagers for Your Sore Muscles

The Best Percussion Massagers for Your Sore Muscles

Sore muscles? Anytime you put your muscles through some pressure, they let you feel their pain! Professional athlete, bus driver, shop assistant. Whoever you are or whatever your day is like, when your muscles are giving you pain, nothing seems easy. On the other hand, there is nothing better than a good massage, and a percussion massager can deliver. You might be wondering what the benefits might be if you had one of your own, and which is the best one for your sore muscles.

What is a percussion massage?

A percussion massager looks like a power tool, and most of them are named for power tools as well. In other words, they mean business. They look like something that will not be messing around with your sore muscles! Basically, a massage gun is going to be dealing out a few rapid blows that penetrate deep into the soft tissue, and it will promote pain relief, relaxation, and repair. Like any good massage, they have a number of benefits as well when it comes to healing. They will improve blood flow and the range of motion of the muscle in order to let the body heal and recover faster. Yes, they look and sound intense, but they are quite gentle.

Are they all the same?

There are a few different percussion massagers available. They differ in the intensity of the vibrations, and in which direction the massager travels to deliver the relief into the tissue and muscle. Some can be set for specific muscle groups or needs, and so are different to each user. However, there is no reason why most people couldn’t use one to heal after an injury or to enhance their performance right now. As well, they are much more relieving than a hands-only massage.

But it’s the little things that matter.

Most of the percussion massagers make a lot of noise, which detracts from relaxation time that a massage usually brings. Wouldn’t it be great just to have the massage without the pounding noise? When considering which one is the best, check the decibels!

Another thing to look for in the best percussion massager is the speed control. Can the heads be changed, or their angle? In other words, is it the same massage tool each time, or can it be altered to meet different levels of stress, with multiple, adjustable heads, that can work on different muscles?

Finally, a great percussion massager needs to be portable. That means including a carrying case that lets you take the massage gun on the road with you. The case should have a place for everything.

If you need a great professional percussive massager that won’t damage your eardrums but that will still provide a great, healing, deep tissue massage, the VI PRO has everything, including full convenience. The benefits of the massage will be felt through all aspects of your performance, from improved blood circulation to better digestion and a good night’s sleep! It’s your health. Don’t settle for almost perfect.


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