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What is the Best Brand of Hemp Oil?


So, you’ve committed to a more natural, healthy lifestyle and you want hemp oil to be a part of that. That is good news! Hemp oil has many benefits for your skin and hair. Some people use hemp oil to help with anxiety, and others use it in the kitchen to give food a nutritious boost. All of these benefits, however, are contingent on one thing: using the best brand of hemp oil. Without a high-quality product, you lose much of the benefits of hemp.



What to Look for in the Best Brand of Hemp Oil

Cold pressed

The method used to extract the oil from the hemp plant matters. Methods that use heat can literally cook out much of the beneficial nutrients. Cold pressing, while more time and labor intensive, produces a thick and luscious oil that still keeps the fatty acids, vitamins and minerals intact.



Organic hemp oil means the plants were not treated with pesticides or inorganic fertilizers before the buds were harvested and pressed. The best brand of hemp oil will be free of such toxins.


Affordable, but not cheap

There are many brands of hemp oil on the market but shy away from the ones that seem too cheap to be true. There is a big difference between affordable and cheap. Cheap means corners were likely cut and fillers used to rush a trending product to market. Affordable means ethical harvest and production, quality control, and responsible packaging. Affordable is more costly than cheap, but affordable is important when looking for the best brand of hemp oil on the market. The desire to live a healthier life should account for how your products are made and where they come from.


Properly labelled

The best brand of hemp oil’s packaging should be labeled with all the ingredients, whether or not it is organic, the source of origin, and a phone number or website where consumers can get more information.

Where to get the Best Brand of Hemp Oil

Vigorous Innovations is pleased to offer extra strength THC-free hemp oil and organic hemp oil through our Vigorous Naturals line. We are committed to providing you with the best brand of hemp oil, and that means you can rely on our products being non-GMO, vegan friendly, affordable, and ethically sourced. Our website and our product packaging has all the information you need to make an informed choice, and we are standing by via phone or email if you have questions about our products.

Have you Tried Hemp Oil Yet?

Hemp oil is trending and for very good reasons. It’s a responsible, natural way to increase your health and enhance your beauty routine. However, not all hemp oil is created equal. When shopping around for the best brand of hemp oil, consider the points listed above so you can get the full spectrum of benefits that occur naturally in this product.

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