why do you feel sick after a massage

Why Do You Feel Sick After a Massage?

We love massage for its stress-reducing and relaxation effects. But what can be a pleasant experience is often ruined by the feeling of nausea and dizziness that follows. This happens to almost everyone after a massage, especially if there are oils involved. If the masseuse applies oil directly on your body, there’s bound to be a fallout afterwards; even if they don’t use oil at all.

Some people get nauseous after a massage because their bodies are sensitive to touch and pressure in certain areas. Many others get nauseous or dizzy because it releases toxins from their muscles that usually go unnoticed until they are stimulated. This article will discuss seven common reasons why you feel sick after a massage and how you can fix it so that your next massage feels much more comfortable than before.


Is It Normal to Feel Sick After a Deep Tissue Massage?

There’s nothing normal about feeling sick after a massage. A typical massage will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. The kind that makes you feel sick afterwards is a deep tissue massage. When choosing a massage type, you should know that there are different massage styles that all have different effects on the body. You need to know what type of massage you’re going to get before you enter the room where it will be performed. Otherwise, you could end up with a massage that makes you feel sick because it’s too intense and not what you asked for.

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on applying a lot of pressure to the muscles. It’s usually targeted at stiff areas such as the back, shoulders, and legs. The massage aims to break down knots and tightness in the muscles, improving both their function and blood flow. While it certainly does all of that, it can also make you feel sick as a dog. This is because deep tissue massage involves a lot of pressure and stretching to get the desired results.

As a result, it can often cause some serious discomfort – especially if you have pains or knots in the targeted area. In some cases, it can even cause a bit of pain and discomfort if the therapist applies too much pressure and goes a bit too deep.


Massage Can Be Very Strenuous on Your Muscles

If the massage is overly vigorous and you don’t like that, you might feel sick. Why? Because when the massage is done too strenuously, the muscles will contract. When the muscles contract, they get tense, painful, and they pull on the nerves around them. This causes discomfort and pain. A pain-free massage is a relaxed massage.

If your masseuse is too aggressive, you might feel sick as your muscles get tense and you might even have cramps. That’s why you should always communicate to your masseuse how much pressure you like. That being said, every person has different muscle tolerance and a different amount of pressure they like. Therefore, it’s best to let your masseuse know how you like it.

You might think that a massage is all about relaxation and pleasure, but actually, it can be quite strenuous on your muscles. A lot of pressure is applied to your muscles and joints to break down knots and adhesions that have built up over time. If you’re having a sports massage, it’s even more strenuous since your sports activities have created these knots and tension. This is why many athletes get sports massages to improve their performance and prevent injuries.

The massage therapist applies significant pressure on your muscles to release the built-up tension. This can cause discomfort and even pain in your muscles, especially if they are very tense. If you have had a lot of strenuous exercise or sports activities, your muscles will be very tight. A massage will help to break up this tightness and ease your pain. It can also make you feel sick.


Over-Exposure to Oils and Scents

Some people are very sensitive to scents. If your masseuse uses oils or scents during the massage, you might feel sick after it. Why? Because when you get exposed to certain scents for too long, you get sick. For example, if you get near a strong perfume for too long, you will get sick. This is because scents are chemicals that are very potent and can affect your body. They reach your brain and activate your central nervous system, making you feel high. Your brain can also get used to these scents, which makes you more tolerant of them so that you don’t get sick. And when you don’t get sick, it means that your central nervous system has got used to them.

Some people get sick from the smell of the massage oil or its scent. Some people are just sensitive to certain scents and fragrances. Others don’t have any particular scent sensitivity; they simply don’t like the smell of massage oils. If you don’t like the smell of massage oils, you can always request your masseuse to skip the scents or use essential oils instead. If you’re just sensitive to the smell, you can always cover your nose with a pillow when the scent starts to get to you. The massage oils also contain scents that may make you feel sick after a massage.

why do i feel sick after a massage


The Massage Was Done Incorrectly

Sometimes, the massage is done incorrectly and you might feel sick because of that. For example, if your masseuse is pressing your stomach, you might feel sick because that’s not the place where it should be done. This happens because every person’s body is different. The masseuse can do the massage in a way that works for everyone, but not everyone will feel good after it. This means that even if you’re getting a massage that is supposed to be done in a specific way, you might still feel sick because it’s done wrong.

If the masseuse is new to the profession or inexperienced, it’s possible that they may have applied too much pressure or done something incorrectly. The pressure that the masseuse applies should be just enough to break up those knots and adhesions in your muscles, but not too much that it causes pain or nausea.

If you’re new to massages, you should let the masseuse know your pain threshold so that they don’t go too deep. You can also request them to apply lighter pressure if they are pressing too hard. The masseuse may also have placed their hands in a position that is uncomfortable or causes you to feel sick. If you’re lying face down, they may have placed their hands too high on your back. They may be pressing too hard on your feet when they are doing a foot massage.


You’ve Just Had a Lot of Straining During the Massage

Your muscles are supposed to be relaxed during the massage, but sometimes they get tense. When they’re tense, they’re under pressure and that causes pain. When your muscles are tense, they get strained. If you’ve just had a massage that made your muscles tense, you’re bound to feel sick after it because your muscles are strained. This happens especially if you have knots in your muscles that are very painful to be pressed.

As already discussed, too much pressure may cause pain and nausea. If you’ve just had a particularly strenuous massage, your muscles may be feeling a bit strained due to the amount of pressure that was applied. The massage-induced muscle pain and strain may make you feel sick after a massage, as well as some other symptoms such as muscle spasms and cramping.

You may also be feeling sick after your massage because of the positions you’ve been in. For example, if you’ve been lying face down on the massage table for a long time, this can make you feel nauseous. The blood flow to your head and brain gets temporarily blocked, which can cause dizziness, nausea, and lightheadedness.


The Masseuse Applied Too Much Pressure

A good massage is supposed to be relaxing and make you feel good. If your masseuse is applying too much pressure, you might feel sick because of that. This happens because the pressure applied to your muscles is so strong that they get tense and painful. Your muscles will be under pressure and that will make you feel sick.


Massage Can Cause Nausea Because of Toxins That Are Released From Your Muscles.

When you have knots in your muscles that are very painful to be pressed, you have lactic acid crystals inside them. These lactic acid crystals are formed when your body creates energy using sugar and it doesn’t have enough oxygen. You get lactic acid when you are exercising too much without breathing properly. This lactic acid becomes crystals in your body when they aren’t used up by your body. This happens because your lymphatic system doesn’t work properly. These lactic acid crystals in your muscles cause pain, but they also cause nausea when they are pressed because they release toxins into your body. Toxins are very strong chemicals and they can cause you to feel sick.

During your massage, your muscles are being stimulated and they release toxins as a result. These toxins are what make you feel sick after a massage. Some common toxins that are released by your muscles during a massage include lactic acid, ammonia, and carbon dioxide.

This is why it’s important to drink lots of water before and after your massage. Drinking water helps to flush out the toxins from your muscles and kidneys. It’s also recommended that you have a warm shower after your massage to help your muscles expel the toxins even more efficiently.


Massage-Related Nausea and Dizziness

Some people don’t feel pain when the lactic acid crystals in their muscles are pressed. They just feel nausea and dizziness. This happens because your body releases toxins through your blood stream. And when toxins pass through your bloodstream, they make you feel sick. When your massage therapist presses the lactic acid crystals in your muscles, they get dissolved into your bloodstream. The blood then carries the toxins to your organs and makes you feel sick.

Some people get nauseous after a massage because they are just generally feeling unwell. They might have a sickness or an infection going on, or they might just be tired or stressed. If you feel sick after a massage, it may just be because you’re feeling unwell. The massage hasn’t done anything to cause you to feel sick; it’s just a side effect of your general health.

Can Stiff Neck Cause Dizziness?

While the exact cause of dizziness is unknown, a stiff neck can cause the blood vessels in your head to narrow, which can lead to dizziness, especially when you tilt your head back. You can also get dizzy if you have a stiff neck and are looking up for long periods of time. When you have a stiff neck, your head is bent forward and your chin is tucked in. When looking up, you are stretching your neck muscles, which can cause stiffness and make you more prone to dizziness.


You’re Just Uncomfortable in General.

Massages are supposed to make you feel relaxed, but sometimes you just feel uncomfortable in general. Maybe the masseuse doesn’t work with the right pressure, or maybe they apply too much pressure and make you feel sick. This can also be due to the fact that the person receiving the massage has been feeling unwell for a while. You don’t have to wait until you are fully recovered before you go for a massage. You can go for a massage even when you’re not fully recovered, as long as you make sure that the environment is clean and sanitary.

Some people just feel very uncomfortable in general after a massage. You may have had a long massage session and it may have just been too much for you. You may be feeling very uncomfortable because you’ve had a massage on an empty stomach. It’s recommended that you eat something before your massage because lying down on your stomach with an empty stomach can make you feel sick.

If you’re having a hot stone massage, the stones may be too hot and uncomfortable for you. Hot stone massage has a lot of health benefits, but it can also make you feel sick if the stones are too hot.

is it common to get sick after a massage


You Have a Sickness or Infection Going On.

Some sicknesses, like the common flu, make you feel dizzy and nauseous. This happens because your body is fighting an infection and it needs energy for that. When your body has to use energy for detoxing, it doesn’t have enough energy left for other tasks. This makes you feel dizzy. When toxins are released into your blood stream because of the infection you have, your body has to spend energy on them. This makes you feel nauseous.

Sometimes you may feel sick after a massage because you’re simply experiencing the symptoms of a sickness or infection. For example, if you have a stomach bug, you may feel nauseous after your massage because the virus is making you feel unwell. Similarly, if you have an ear infection and your ears are blocked up, a massage may make you feel sick because the pressure and heat applied to your ears is making them feel blocked up even more.

What to Do to Avoid Feeling Sick After a Massage?

Massages are great for a variety of health issues and they are also a form of relaxation. However, if you experience nausea after a massage, you should talk to your doctor.

Nausea is not a normal side effect of massage, but it can be a sign of a more serious problem. If you experience nausea after a massage, try drinking fluids to rehydrate your body and avoid fatty foods, as these can make nausea worse. If these tips do not help, you should talk to your doctor about the possibility that you may have an underlying health condition.

First of all, you must let your therapist know if you have any health issues. Never lie, but also don’t be too open about your issues, as this may put your therapist at risk. Let me say that again — do not be too open about your health issues with your massage therapist. You must also make sure that your therapist is properly trained. You may not feel sick after the massage, but it could have caused issues for your therapist.

Secondly, try to relax as much as possible during the massage. Stay away from your phone and other things that will cause you stress. This will not only help you feel better, but it may also help your therapist to feel less stressed.

You should also stay hydrated, both before and after your massage.

And finally, take a look at the oils that are being used. Certain scents may not be good for you, especially if you have certain conditions.

It is important to let your massage therapist know about any health conditions or allergies you have before your massage. This will allow your therapist to create a massage plan that works best for you. You may also want to bring medication with you in case you feel unwell. It is best to let your massage therapist know if you are feeling unwell during your massage so they can assist you.



We love massage for its stress-reducing and relaxation effects. But what can be a pleasant experience is often ruined by the feeling of nausea and dizziness that follows. This happens to almost everyone after a massage, especially if there are oils involved. If the masseuse applies oil directly on your body, there’s bound to be a fallout afterwards; even if they don’t use oil at all.

So why do you feel sick after a massage?

It’s mainly because massage is a very strenuous activity that strains your muscles and causes toxins to be released from your muscles.

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