Best Self Massage Tool After Workout for Soreness – How Self Massage Tools Can Help Make Recovery Easier

Best Post Workout Recovery for Soreness – How Self Massage Tools Can Help Make Recovery Easier

Sore and stiff muscles can really hold you back from getting a great workout. It can be a literal pain in the butt. When you have clear workout goals, but your sore and stiff body is slowing you down, it is time to get serious and start using a personal percussive massager, which is the best self massage tool.

There are many ways of easing post-workout muscle pain, including drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep. The best way, hands down, to reduce post-workout muscle pain is to get a massage. Now you can do it yourself with the best self-massage tool, like the VI Pro Ultra Quiet Percussion Massager.

A good sports therapy massage does wonders for post-workout recovery. Unfortunately, they require time and appointments. The cost of regular massage can start to add up. Sometimes it seems like the hassle isn’t worth the results. The good news is that now you can effectively and conveniently give yourself the targeted sports massage treatment exactly where and when you need it. The best self-massage tools, like the VI Pro Ultra Quiet Massager, make post-workout pain and stiffness something you can easily handle.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (sometimes referred to as DOMS) is the muscle stiffness and pain you feel after a new or especially intense workout. It is a natural reaction your muscles have to the new or increased intensity of movements. The pain and stiffness stems from slight damage to the muscle fibers and they take a few days to heal. Your muscles will get used to the new intensity and become stronger and have greater stamina as you continue to train. The key is to use the best self-massage tool to get over the hump.

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How do self-massage tools make post-workout recovery easier? Having the best self-massage tool will help you in a number of ways:

1)  Stimulates Cell Repair

Massage is proven to help stimulate cell repair in our bodies. Massage stimulates the growth of mitochondria within muscle cells. These mitochondria are responsible for cellular repair. With the best self-massage tool, you can target the exact areas that are sore or stiff and deliver a concentrated massage exactly where and when you need it.

2)  Increases Blood Flow

Personal percussive massage tools are incredibly good at increasing the blood flow to the affected areas. The best self-massage tools are easy to use; you can quite simply apply percussive massage to your stiff and sore muscles as needed. The percussive pressure encourages increased blood flow to the area. This increased blood flow brings in oxygen and helps to break up fibrous adhesions in the muscle. The muscle is able to relax, which reduces the feelings of soreness and stiffness. Many people feel immediate relief when they use the best self-massage tools.

3)  Pre-Workout Application

Some experts suggest that using the best self-massage tool before a workout can help to warm up your muscles. Taking a few minutes before you start on a muscle area to apply percussive massage can increase your muscle’s stamina as well as reduce the severity of post-workout muscle soreness. Some athletes keep their best self-massage tools handy in the gym to give themselves a short massage before they work on a new muscle group. Making sure your muscles are primed and ready will decrease the time it will take them to recover after your workout.

4)  Post-Workout Application

One study shows that athletes suffer from significantly less soreness overall if they receive a massage within 48 hours of a particularly strenuous workout. Having the best self-massage tool in your gym bag means that you can access that massage anytime you need it. Just a few minutes after a workout can make a significant difference in your recovery time.

5)  Helps With Sleep

Sleep is a time when muscles do a lot of recovery. The cells in our bodies repairs while we sleep. The problem with delayed onset muscle soreness is that it can often be painful and irritating enough to keep us from falling or staying asleep. It’s a vicious cycle. Using the best self-massage tool will help you target those sore and stiff muscles and give you almost immediate relief. Sleep will come much more easily when your muscles aren’t sore and stiff. Your body will be able to repair much more efficiently when you sleep well.

Enjoy the benefits of the best self-massage tool

The VI Pro Ultra Quiet Percussion Massager is the best self-massage tool to have in your gym bag as recommended by ODE Magazine.  It is portable and has an ultra-quiet motor, which makes it easy to use in the gym before working a muscle group. You won’t need to worry about disturbing the other athletes with the sound of your massage tool. It is also great for home when you don’t want to wake up anyone but your sore muscles are keeping you awake.

Using the best self-massage tool is really the best way to avoid excessive delayed onset muscle soreness. Constant appointments with a masseuse just aren’t realistic for most people. Being able to target your own muscles whenever you want is a perfect solution. For the cost of just a few massage appointments, you can purchase your own massage tool that can be used anytime you need it. 

Using the best self-massage tool regularly will ensure there is adequate blood flow to your sore muscles to speed recovery. Using it before a workout will reduce your post-workout recovery time. Targeting those areas that are affected by delayed onset muscle soreness will decrease the time it takes to recover completely. You will sleep better, which also reduces recovery time. When you use the best self-massage tool, like the VI Pro Ultra Quiet Percussion Massager, before and after your workouts, you’ll notice that your gym time will be much more productive. Your muscles will recover more quickly, you’ll have more stamina and you’ll be able to reach your goals much faster. Click here to learn more.

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