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Three Essential Self-Massage Tools

There is not much worse than a painful kink in your neck or muscle cramping in your thighs after a hard workout. Sore joints and tight muscles can cause moderate to severe discomfort for anyone, and unfortunately, muscle knots are all too common. Whether sore from sitting in front of a computer from nine to five or tense after a vigorous workout, muscle pain can throw a wrench in your everyday routine. Not everyone has the time or resources for a professional massage every week. The good news is self-massage tools have created a way to bring the healing properties of massage to your home. There are many different tricks and tools for home massages, but these three massagers for muscle knots are essentials for anyone looking for at-home muscle relief.

1. Foam Rollers

Simple but effective, foam rollers are great for anyone looking to roll out their muscle knots. These rollers are ideal for lower back pain and can also be used to stretch out painful shin splints. Known for improving mobility, these self-massage tools are commonly used by runners and are great for those training for a marathon. Foam rollers are one of the more basic massagers for muscle knots and are an affordable route for those experiencing minor pain.

2. Cane Massagers

Another simple to use the best self massage tool is the cane massager. Cane massagers mainly target muscle knots in your back, shoulders, and neck. What sets these canes apart is their ability to reach a greater portion of your back, including those tough to reach spots other massagers for muscle knots can’t get to. These massage tools help to release tension by stimulating pressure points by applying constant pressure.

3. Percussion Massagers

Percussion massagers take self-massage to the next level. As an electric massager for muscle knots, percussion massagers provide total body relief through deep tissue percussion therapy. Most percussion massagers come with an assortment of massage heads that function in different ways to target different areas of the body. From light massage to intense deep tissue, percussion massagers are one of the best self massage tools on the market and can provide total body relief.

Getting Pain Relief from Home

Waiting in line at the chiropractor or fitting a massage into your busy schedule is not always easy. Self-massage tools remove these barriers and help you find relief for tired and strained muscles right from home. While there are many options on the market, percussion massagers continue to develop and provide instant relief for victims of muscle pain. The convenience of these handheld massagers for muscle knots makes for an accessible massage that can be done anywhere. Their relatively small size further allows for percussion massagers to be packed up and taken along on trips or even to the office for a deep tissue massage on your lunch break. No matter the cause of joint or muscle pain, percussion massagers are an essential self-massage tool and are guaranteed to target muscle knots and provide much-needed relief.
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