How Does a Self Massage Tool Make Recovery Easier than Ever?

How Does a Self Massage Tool Make Recovery Easier than Ever?

If you work out hard (and even if you don’t), you want to relax hard, too, during your recovery periods. Getting the most out of your time off is important to your overall well-being. Just as there are tools and accessories to give a great workout, there are also tools and accessories to make sure you feel just as great afterward. Injury, or delayed onset muscle soreness, not only impacts recovery, but it also jeopardizes any motivation for the next workout. Pay attention to recovery by using a percussion massager, the best self-massage tool to use after a workout. A self-massage tool makes recovery easier than ever. What are the benefits and what makes this method different than other recovery methods?

Get a massage!

A massage at any time is a great idea, but having your own self-massage tool that you can take with you saves time and money. Any kind of massage loosens up kinks in the muscle, thus helping to increase blood flow, deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the muscle, and restore mobility to muscles and joints. Also, it just feels so good! A percussion massage delivers these benefits, from you and right back to you, at any time. The best benefit is that it lessens the overall feeling of tiredness that can come after a workout. You work out to feel that high that comes from taking care of your energy and your muscles, not to experience delayed onset muscle soreness. Fortunately, using the best self-massage tool can help.

What does the best self-massage tool look like?

This type of massage is delivered with something that looks like a power tool, hence the name. The best self-massage tool delivers a series of high-speed,  penetrating blows deep into the soft tissues. This may sound painful, but it’s not. It’s gentle, but not too gentle; strong but not too strong. It provides pain relief while promoting relaxation and working to repair damaged tissues.

You work out hard, so you want to relax hard, too.  And you don’t want your injuries, or any post-workout soreness,  to interfere with your relaxation, or with your next workout session. A self-massage tool, such as a percussion massager, makes recovery easier than ever, helping to get you back in the game and on track. The best self-massage tool is one that you will use when you need it, and the one that will be beneficial to your next workout as well.

How to choose one?

The best self-massage tool is one that is not noisy, and yes it is possible to find one that is extremely quiet and still powerful. The best one for most people is one that does the job with convenience. That means that it is quiet, self-charging and portable, and it adjustable as well. The VI Pro Massage Gun for Athletes has four changeable heads, it’s rechargeable, it includes a convenient carry case, and it’s completely adjustable in speed and angle, so you can hold it comfortably, adjust it as needed, and reach all areas.
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