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VI Resistance Band Bar for Fitness

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  • Sculpt & Tone: Our resistance band bar set is designed to train your body & toning each muscle to perfection. The Pilates bar kit with resistance bands can be set your workout preference. This Pilates Kit let you work harder and smarter.
  • Top Grade Design: This Redge fit resistance band squat bar comes with 3 detachable parts that are lightweight & ergonomic. It can be dismantled so you can take it everywhere you go. Made of high-quality robust steel and adjustable strap.
  • Effective & Comfortable: Our exercise bars for workout are padded ensuring comfort strong grip for safety and security. Optimize the 36 inches multifunctional Pilates bar to sculpt your core, arms, legs, or shoulders.
  • Workout on the go: Our gym kit Pilates bar comes with a storage bag that let you bring the kit with you whenever, wherever. Get in a quick workout at your home and office. This gym kit for women and men is the perfect multi-functional Pilates bar.
  • Complete Set: Our plates bar comes with 3 components, 4 sets of resistance bands with a total resistance of 280 lbs. 2 Pilates bar stick handle, 2 ankle straps, a door anchor, & more. Multi function Pilates bar bands of different strengths for various exercises.